Articles by Rachel Ablin, Esq.

How to Investigate Workplace Bullying Claims

Workplace bullying creates a toxic environment. An employee who feels they are being intimidated, threatened, or humiliated, or some combination thereof will not feel welcome in your workplace, nor will they be able to perform at their maximum potential. The predicament for many employers is how to handle claims of bullying and how to thoroughly investigate these claims.

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Questions to Ask During Internal Investigations

In the past, we have discussed why open-ended questions help us conduct more effective investigations when there are allegations of discrimination or harassment. To ensure the investigation is as thorough as possible, you’ll also need to focus on asking specifics – from the complainant about her allegations, from all witnesses involved, and from the subject of the investigation itself.

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Virtual Investigation Checklist

Over the last year, the Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way workplaces operate. Consequently, the way workplace investigations are conducted has changed as well with many being conducted virtually. As an investigator, this means that you may need to change some of your tactics and strategies when conducting a virtual workplace investigation. The following virtual investigation checklist may help.

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