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When a work environment becomes intimidating, hostile, or abusive, employers can be held liable. Harassment laws protect everyone from that kind of unwelcome conduct.

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It is illegal to discriminate against employees and applicants in every aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, promoting, as well as in the conditions of employment. 

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Policy & Employee Code of Conduct Violations

Employees are expected to adhere to the standards of ethical behavior and professional conduct laid out by the employer.

Let’s discuss how Ablin Law can help you to improve worker engagement, productivity, morale and compliance.

Recent Articles by Rachel Ablin, Esq.

Key Steps for Closing Out an Internal Investigation

Investigating a workplace complaint can be a long and tedious process; however, every complaint should be taken seriously, and given the time and attention it deserves. When an investigation nears a conclusion, closing out the complaint properly can be as important as the investigation process itself. The following key steps will help ensure that you close out an internal investigation correctly.

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How to Handle False Claims

When an employee alleges discrimination or harassment in the workplace the employer is legally required to act swiftly and efficiently to try and determine if the claim has merit. If evidence is uncovered that supports the allegations an employer’s legal obligations are relatively clear; however, what should an employer do when there is no evidence to support the allegations?

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10 Things to Do When Investigating a Complaint

Anytime an employee makes a workplace complaint, that complaint should be taken seriously and acted on without delay. In fact, a number of federal and state laws require an employer to conduct an immediate investigation. Just as no two complaints are ever identical, neither are any two investigations carried out in exactly the same manner. Nevertheless, there are some common steps that should be taken when investigating all workplace complaints.

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